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  • How to customize invoices

    Customization is a key feature of Sunshine Photo Cart, right down to invoices. The default layout of invoices is intended to be short, concise, and printable. However, I know all too well many photographers have specific needs or wants for how things should work in their WordPress client photo galleries. When customizing an invoice, you […]

  • How to customize the product options display

    With Sunshine Photo Cart, you have many ways to customize how everything in your WordPress client galleries shop. One specific request that has come up multiple times now is customizing the look of how product options are displayed to the customer on the add to cart screen. Here is the default view which will show […]

  • How to customize the URL for galleries

    Over the years, it has become apparent there are as many client gallery configurations needed as there are photographers in the world. As a result, a Sunshine Photo Cart mantra is to be as flexible as possible for photographers to create the exact client gallery experience they want for their customers. Built into WordPress is […]

  • Redirect to customer URL after login

    Sunshine Photo Cart has it’s own login forms to allow customers to access their account. Accessible once logged in within the Account area is their order history, any private galleries assigned, and customer profile/addresses. One of the great benefits of Sunshine Photo Cart for your client galleries is the ability to customize it to work […]

  • Show keywords for an image

    When you include keywords within the metadata of an image (using Lightroom, Adobe Bridge, or your favorite image manager software), they are saved and searchable by default in Sunshine Photo Cart. In the below code example, you can also show all the keywords on the single image view. You can also show all the EXIF […]

  • Showing all EXIF/meta data for an image

    When images are uploaded to WordPress/Sunshine Photo Cart for your client photo galleries, most of the EXIF data is saved to the database. By default, Sunshine does not use this for anything except for searching but it is also available to use for display with custom code. Below is an example of showing all available […]

  • Order galleries in administration by date

    When viewing your client photo galleries in your WordPress administration, you can sort the galleries by date. Click the “Date” column header in the gallery list view and galleries will be displayed oldest to newest. Click again and they will be sorted newest to oldest. If you would like to have galleries default to be […]

  • Manage Sunshine Main Menu Links

    Using WordPress filters, we can modify which links appear in Sunshine’s Main Menu. Adding New Links Removing Login/Register links Alternatively add this to Sunshine > Settings > Design > Custom CSS:

  • Using the Gallery Password Box in your custom theme

    The Gallery Password Box lets you put a simple form for users to enter a gallery password and be automatically taken to the gallery and allowed access if a valid password is given.

  • Customize layouts and emails with template overrides

    As of 1.2.3, Sunshine lets you override entire template files to give developers greater control over the look and feel of Sunshine.