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  • Showing all EXIF/meta data for an image

    When images are uploaded to WordPress/Sunshine, most of the EXIF data is saved to the database. By default, Sunshine does not use this for anything except for searching but it is also available to use for display with custom code. Here is an example of showing all available meta data for a single image: View […]

  • Show related images in single image view

    This code snippet will show random other images from the same gallery when viewing a single image. Please note this will not work with Lightbox. View the code on Gist.

  • Order galleries in administration by date

    View the code on Gist.

  • Remove the Register and Login links

    Using WordPress filters, we can modify which links appear in Sunshine’s Main Menu. You can either add some PHP code to your functions.php file (or use the pluginĀ Code Snippets) to entirely remove the linksĀ or use CSS to hide the links.

  • Using the Gallery Password Box in a Sunshine theme

    Traditionally with WordPress, you have to visit a page/post (or in our case a gallery) and then see the password prompt. We created the Gallery Password Box widget to let you put a simple form either inside a Sunshine theme (or anywhere in your custom WordPress theme) Users simply need to enter a password to […]

  • Using the Gallery Password Box in your custom theme

    The Gallery Password Box lets you put a simple form for users to enter a gallery password and be automatically taken to the gallery and allowed access if a valid password is given.

  • Template Overrides

    As of 1.2.3, Sunshine lets you override entire template files to give developers greater control over the look and feel of Sunshine.