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How to enable free image downloads

Pro users can make entire galleries or individual images available to clients for free on a per gallery basis. Users can instantly download the entire gallery (if enabled) or an individual image (if enabled) without going through the Checkout process. The links are only available if you have selected

I can’t see any thumbnails!

One of the most common errors Sunshine users seem to be having is thumbnail images not appearing in their galleries. This article explains how to prevent this in 9 out of 10 cases.

How to change the thumbnail image size

We have selected what we think is a good balance in terms of size and ratio for image thumbnails, but you always have the option of changing them with Sunshine Photo Cart.

Setting Up Price Levels

Price levels let you sell your products at different prices for each gallery. Charge your wedding clients more for the same 8×10 as your portrait clients!

How to create sub galleries

Large events, such as weddings, are easier for clients to go through photos if broken up into smaller galleries.

Getting started with FTP

FTP is the easiest, fastest way to transfer large amounts of files compared to browser-based tools which is why we have chosen to make it the default method of uploading images for galleries in Sunshine.

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