Installation & Settings

Download Failed: Unauthorized

Some users have experienced an error notice when trying to update an add-on that says “Download failed. Unauthorized”. If you experience this issue, try deactivating the add-on, reactivating, then updating again. If still not working, there are some servers that for some reason prevent a connection to our website at To manually update the […]

Sunshine cannot be your front page

In order to have effective theme integration with WordPress, Sunshine Photo Cart makes use of WordPress’ endpoint rewrite API. What this does is take the URL of your Client Galleries page (example: and then adds on the information about which gallery you are on (example: So what Sunshine is actually doing is loading […]

How to tax shipping costs

In some locations it is required to tax product costs but also shipping costs. Sunshine allows you to enable tax calculations on any shipping method.

How to change the thumbnail image size

We have selected what we think is a good balance in terms of size and ratio for image thumbnails, but you always have the option of changing them with Sunshine Photo Cart.

Setting up Stripe

Learn how to get your Stripe API keys over to Sunshine to begin accepting credit cards on your website. Don’t forget, you will also need an SSL certificate as well.