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Digital downloads not working, enable alternate option

This article relates to the Digital Downloads add-on

On some servers, the download of large digital files may result in errors. You can enable this option which tries to deliver the downloads another way.

Step 1

Go to Sunshine > Settings > Galleries. Check the “Alternate Download Method” option.


We cannot guarantee this option will work either unfortunately as every server setup is unique.

The default method tries to deliver the .zip file via PHP, then automatically deletes the file after the user has downloaded the file. This alternate method simply redirects the user to the .zip file download URL and let the browser do the work. This method will leave large download files on your server (in your “wp-content/uploads” folder, or a custom uploads folder which you have set) since we cannot do the automatic file removal and you will have to manually remove them to clean up file space on your server.

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