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Email newsletter integration

If you don’t know who these companies are, you can check them out here: Campaign Monitor or MailChimp. Campaign Monitor has a much nicer UI and generally easier to use and is our recommended option, but MailChimp does have a free version that would actually work quite well for most photographers.

Step 1

Campaign Monitor

Login to your email newsletter system (Campaign Monitor or MailChimp) to grab your API key.

In Campaign Monitor, find the “Account Settings” link at the top. Your API key is available on this page.

In MailChimp, go to Account > API Keys & Authorized Apps. Add a key or use an existing if you already have one.

Step 2

In your WordPress admin, go to Sunshine > Settings > Newsletter. Paste the API key for the email newsletter system you are using into the respective field. Save settings.

Step 3

Select which list from your newsletter service you want users subscribed to.

Step 4

Subscribe at checkout
Subscribe at registration

New fields will now be visible on the registration form and during checkout giving users the chance to sign up while they are already filling out a form.