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Getting started with FTP

FTP is the easiest, fastest way to transfer large amounts of files compared to browser-based tools which is why we have chosen to make it the default method of uploading images for galleries in Sunshine.

Step 1

You need an FTP program, FileZilla is free:

Step 2

In FileZilla, use the Site Manager to create a new connection and have it saved to re-use.

You will need your FTP login information. This comes from your web hosting company, usually in the Welcome email they send out when you signed up. Or, you can contact your web hosting company’s support and ask for the information.

You will need the following:

  • FTP server (typically your domain name,
  • FTP username
  • FTP password

Step 3

Connect to your server and being transferring files to create your gallery via FTP!

If you are still confused on FTP please get in touch with support and we can help you get it figured out. Sunshine does recommend uploading images via the browser when creating a gallery.

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