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I am not receiving email notifications

Sunshine sends out email notifications to site admins when a new order is placed as well as to the customer who made the purchase. If one or both are not receiving those emails, try the following:

Step 1

Obligatory “Check your spam” step 1. You may have spam filters at the server level and in your email software to check.

Some email providers (Yahoo), require that if you send an email from a web server the “From” email must match the domain name it is actually being sent from. For example, if a customer as “customer@yahoo.com” and your From email address is “myphotographycompany@gmail.com” but your website is on “myphotographycompany.com”, Yahoo will flag your email as spam because gmail.com does not match myphotographycompany.com.

You can customize the email address you will receive notifications as an admin as well as the From email address in Sunshine > Settings > Email.

Step 2

See if any emails from your server are being sent out. Are you receiving emails from your contact form or other plugins on your site? If not, then this is not a Sunshine problem and a web server problem and you should reach out to your web host.

Step 3

Install an Email Log plugin. This will keep track of every email attempted to be sent by a WordPress plugin (provided it uses the default wp_mail() function which Sunshine does). If you are seeing the emails being sent but not received, this sounds like an issue with the email service provider.

Step 4

If after all this you are still not receiving email notifications, it’s time to enable error logging and see if something stands out as the cause.

Step 5

If still nothing, please ask for help in the forums or support ticket (paid users).