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Not receiving emails, emails are not being sent, or emails going to spam

If you or your customers are not receiving emails, there may be a configuration problem with WordPress or a server issue preventing emails from going out or they may be ending up in spam folders.

Sunshine uses built-in WordPress functions to send mail so any 3rd party plugins used to help improve email delivery reliability can be used.

If you have a Yahoo! email address, it is not recommended to use this email as the “From” email address. These emails will almost certainly be blocked or end up in spam filters because of spam prevention rules of yahoo.com. 

Also, some servers require the “From” email address match the domain name that the emails are coming from. So if your website is myphotobiz.com, then the “From” email address must have @myphotobiz.com.

Step 1

Confirm that emails are being sent and received by other plugins like a contact form. If you are not even receiving emails from the contact form then this sounds like a server issue and it is recommended to contact your web host to resolve the issue.

Step 2

If you are receiving emails from other plugins or don’t have other plugins to test with, the next option is to install the Email Log plugin. This will give you a record of every email that is attempted to be sent through WordPress. After installing the plugin and testing to have emails triggered with Sunshine, check the log and confirm that the emails are even being attempted to be sent.

If you see the emails in the log but are not receiving them, please check with your web host on why your server is not sending emails. You can provide them the log as proof emails are attempted to being sent yet are not actually going out.

Step 3

If you know that your emails are ending up in spam folders, another option is to use an SMTP email plugin or a 3rd party email sending service such as SendGrid.