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Remove the Register and Login links

This article may be outdated and referencing Sunshine Photo Cart 2. Documentation articles are currently being updated and hope to be fully accurate very soon. Apologies for any confusion.

Using WordPress filters, we can modify which links appear in Sunshine's Main Menu. You can either add some PHP code to your functions.php file (or use the pluginĀ Code Snippets) to entirely remove the linksĀ or use CSS to hide the links.

// Add this to your theme's functions.php file or use a plugin like Code Snippets
add_filter( 'sunshine_main_menu', 'custom_sunshine_main_menu', 999 );
function custom_sunshine_main_menu( $menu ) {
    unset( $menu[100] );
    unset( $menu[110] );
    return $menu;

// OR, alternatively add this to Sunshine > Settings > Design > Custom CSS
li.sunshine--login, li.sunshine--register { display: none; }

Learn how to add this custom code to your WordPress website

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