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Who We Are

Sunshine Photo Cart is the culmination of the husband and wife team. He runs a WordPress specializing web design and development company while She is a photographer. After several years of using hard to use photo carts and never finding the right solution, it seemed like the perfect fit for them to work together to build one.

Why WordPress?

Since He deals almost exclusively in WordPress and has tons of experience in using it as a base to build extremely complex websites. After a few minutes of research it was quite clear that almost all photographers are moving to WordPress to manage their website. Just like the original idea to work together seemed to make complete sense, so did building Sunshine Photo Cart as a WordPress plugin. By making use of many of the already built features within WordPress, code development is significantly faster and easier which results in more features in less time with less bugs.

Why the name Sunshine?

A husband and wife team had twins, Claire and Emma, in 2010. Unfortunately Emma had a rare heart condition that put her in the hospital immediately after birth. Every night in the hospital we would sing "You Are My Sunshine" to Emma to be a source of inspiration to us in such a difficult time. After several heart surgeries and fighting valiantly for 3 months, Emma passed away. Our passion, energy and love for Emma now flows into our work on Sunshine so we felt it needed to be named after the song that became so important for us.