Photo Cart & Client Galleries for WordPress

Full featured and easy-to-use, you can't go wrong. See why it shines so bright.

  • Theme Integration

    You have worked hard to create a beautiful WordPress website. Why send your clients to some other hosted photo cart in a different design with just your logo on it? Sunshine integrates out-of-the-box directly into your responsive WordPress theme with no special effort. Just install, activate and your clients see your entire brand throughout the entire process of working with you.

  • Restricted Access to Galleries

    Everyone has different ideas on how protected galleries should be. You can allow galleries to be completely public, password protected, require users provide an email address to access or private for specifically selected users so only they can see it when logged in.

  • Sub Galleries

    For larger events or galleries, it can be easier to break it down into smaller sub-galleries. Sunshine lets you create hierarchies of galleries with each gallery having it’s own distinct settings.

  • Favorites

    Let clients narrow down the photos they love most by marking them as favorites. Users can submit their favorites to you and you can see their selections in the administration area at any time.

  • Browser or FTP Upload

    Creating galleries should be easy, so we have built Sunshine to let you upload images to your server whichever way works best for you. Use FTP (from Lightroom or any FTP app) or upload directly into the WordPress admin using your browser.

  • Automatic Watermarking

    Upload your logo or any generic transparent PNG image to use as a watermark. You can even select where the watermark should be placed on your images.

  • Social Sharing

    Having friends and family of clients see photos can increase direct sales of prints but also show off your brand to potential new clients.

  • Expiration Dates

    Give clients unlimited time to purchase and they never will. Instead, set an expiration date on your galleries so time is of the essence and clients will be more likely to purchase.

  • Proofing Only

    You don’t have to sell prints using Sunshine, you can use it solely for proofing to get feedback from clients. With a single option either globally or per-gallery basis, you can instantly turn Sunshine into a proofing system which hides any products you have setup. With the comments feature enabled you can let clients post feedback on each image in the gallery.

  • Simple Checkout

    Getting paid is of course the most important part and Sunshine makes it easy for clients to complete an order and give you their money. Sunshine’s one-page checkout makes completing an order simple so you won’t get hit with questions like, “How do I buy prints?”

  • Payment Methods

    Sunshine allows you to accept payments offline (typically checks) or online using credit cards via PayPal. Stripe, PayJunction and many more payment gateways are on the way as add-ons.

  • Shipping Methods

    Sunshine comes with 3 shipping methods: flat rate fee, local delivery or in-studio pickup. Each method can have it’s own cost. For heavier or larger items like canvases, you can define additional shipping costs for those products individually which are seamlessly added to the client’s total shipping price.

  • Unlimited File Storage with Amazon S3

    Sunshine works perfectly with the free, 3rd party plugin WP Offload S3 which pushes your entire Media Library to the cloud for unlimited file storage and faster image loading.

Take Sunshine to another level

Go beyond the basics, Sunshine’s add-ons give you a more robust client photo sales tool and help maximize profits.

  • Lightbox

    Provide an improved UI for clients using lightboxes. Also includes slideshows.

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  • Tiered Pricing / Quantity Discounts

    Give clients a discount when they purchase set quantities of products.

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  • Product Options / Variations

    Let clients choose from any custom option such as paper type, a frame or image editing.

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  • Price Levels / Price Sheets

    Sell any product at different prices for every gallery – charge wedding clients more than portrait clients.

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  • Packages

    Group products and sell them as a single product at a reduced price. Get clients to buy more prints!

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  • Automated Email Marketing

    Automatically send emails to your clients based on how they interact with your galleries.

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