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Selling Features

Sunshine Photo Cart makes it easy for your customers to find the images they want in your client galleries and complete a purchase

  • Accept Online Payments

    Allow customers to pay for orders offline or online via credit card, PayPal, Stripe*, Square*, and more

  • Customer Credits

    Give your customers credits they can use at checkout

  • Multiple Shipping Options

    Offer flate rate, local delivery, or free shipping options and add additional fees for larger items

  • Advanced Tax Settings

    Set specific tax rules down to the zip or postal code in your area

  • Registered or Guest Checkout

    Optionally require an account to check out or let users skip this step

  • Optimized Checkout Page

    One page checkout optimized for conversions with option for a distraction free checkout experience

  • Order Management

    See order details, change order status, notify customers of updates on their order

  • Address Autocomplete

    Let Google automatically help the customer fill in their address to make checkout even easier and faster

Accept Online Payments

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Authorize
  • Mollie

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  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • 1-on-1 customer support
  • 15-minute onboarding video call

Frontend Screenshots

  • Screenshot of all your galleries
    Galleries View of all your galleries
  • Screenshot of a single gallery
    Single Gallery View of a single gallery with thumbnails of all images
  • Screenshot of lightbox view
    Lightbox Lightbox add-on gives different layout for viewing images with slideshow option
  • Screenshot of product list
    Product List Products available to purchase for the selected image
  • Screenshot of adding product to cart with options
    Product Details with Options Product Options add-on allows customers to customize with selected options
  • Screenshot of store view
    Store View Customers can access Store View which presents list of products to purchase
  • Screenshot of adding multiple images to cart at once
    Add Multiple Images to Cart From the Store View, customers can select a product and select multiple images to add to cart
  • Screenshot of sharing favorites
    Share Favorites Customers can share their favorites with you or friends
  • Screenshot of adding comment on image
    Image Comments If enabled, customers can add comments on images
  • Screenshot of social media sharing
    Social Sharing Customers can share an image on social media
  • Screenshot of favorites page
    Customer Favorites Customers can view all their favorites on a single page with option to share
  • Screenshot of cart page
    Cart Cart page with several items
  • Screenshot of checkout page
    Checkout First step of one-page checkout
  • Screenshot of order confirmation
    Order Confirmation Page Customer confirmation after placing an order
  • Customer orders
    Customer Orders Order history page for customer to view and download invoices
  • Screenshot of order invoice
    Order Invoice Customers can view an invoice and optionally download as PDF
  • Screenshot of Account Details page
    Account Details Customer can update their user account information & password

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