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  • I have enjoyed my experience with Sunshine Photo Cart. It has made interactions with my clients relaxing and enjoyable. I have positive feedback from clients using the galleries. I would highly recommend it to any professional photographer.

    Stephen ConradFlorida
  • Sunshine Photo Cart is the best plugin for our developers and also for photographers. It’s very easy to use, very easy to implement and it’s great.

    Daniele PeceItaly
  • Sunshine Photo Cart is purpose-built to do exactly one thing, sell photos on my WordPress site and do it well. The Pro version is a no-brainer, with lots of options and you only have to load the add-ons you want, so no bloated plugins, you just load up what you need. It looks really professional and having features like favourites will help me sell more photos in the future. It’s the best plugin for selling photos I’ve found. Highly recommended.

    David Johnson
  • Tested the free version for the first time and I’m really impressed with the quality of this plugin. Fully functional and working easily as described, can be implemented and used rapidly with all basic features. Addons will bring more options for advanced users. Support is also very helpful and that helps a lot during the first steps.

  • I love this plugin. It has everything I need to run my photography business through my website. The support is great – I’m no techy but queries are answered quickly & clearly.

    Alicia Dunlop
  • I am a dog sport photographer and I have been using Sunshine Photo Cart on my WordPress website since April. It has been a game changer for me in terms of being able to upload a lot of volume dog sport events and organize them into albums named by dog. I can add credits for people that have prepaid for packages right into their account so they can download them right away. I have seen a huge increase in sales compared to other photo websites.

    Nadia HallWisconsin
  • As wedding photographers, we have been using this great plugin for more than 5 years and have found that Sunshine Photo Cart is the perfect solution for our self-hosted image web shop. Our clients love the flexibility and convenience of showing and sharing their wedding pictures in a private and secure way. We love the increased revenue of selling extra photos to guests.

    Miguel RosenstokPortugal
  • I did quite a lot of shopping around and find Sunshine Photo Cart to be by far and away the best all-round photography WordPress plugin. The add-ons are definitely worth the purchase which helps deliver a complete solution. I highly recommend this product.

    Fred Marzanof
  • Sunshine Photo Cart has allowed me to deliver proof galleries quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly. This plugin has really taken out the aggravation of setting up galleries, allowed me to work more efficiently, and gives my clients such an easy-to-use interface for viewing. I am grateful I found it, and would highly recommend it to other photographers!

    Drew JohnstonCanada
  • I have been using Sunshine Photo Cart for 5 years now and it’s been an extremely intuitive experience. To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing out there that does what this gallery does as well as it does it. I upload to straight to my server via FTP which is a live saver and time saving. The experience for clients viewing their galleries is a very well polished experience and helps me represent my brand very well because they are always happy with the experience. They find the process of selecting images very easy and ultimately it’s a perfect fit for what I do.

    Aaron RobertsRomania
  • No other photographer e-commerce solution has the feature-set that Sunshine does. Plus the amount of control I have to design it to fold into the design of my site is a huge plus. I love this plugin and will never go back to paying for a monthly third-party source that wants to take a cut of my profits.

    Lane HickenbottomOmaha, Nebraska
  • It answers the needs of my business. It’s been a smooth, seamless transition from an archaic process to something that is naturally handled through my website. I have been very satisfied!

    Lin DiRenzoNew Jersey
  • I love Sunshine Photo Cart! I am coming from another big platform and there were so many things I was missing on there and now I have full control and customization. The level of support. The features. But also because this is on my website I can benefit in so many areas having my clients come to my website and be there, stay there, look around elsewhere – this is really one of the biggest advantages. Derek is awesome, his support and dedication is unbelievable. I wish him well with the further development and raising the bar even higher… Give it a try – I never regret and you won’t either.

    Ed “Zorz” HafizovGermany
  • As a pro photographer I’ve been looking around for a plugin like this for a long time and this guy does it! The biggest benefit for me was the stand alone style, do your own stuff, sell as much as you can without a commission. You pay your yearly license and you’re set. The plugin had a major update recently, gets regular tweaks often and the customer service and support is fast. I know it will get better and better.

    Dan SpineanuCalgary, Canada
  • Sunshine Photo Cart is the best gallery I have found for WordPress. I looked at a lot of plugins when moving away from hard coding my own pages and found very few offered the features that I looked for. I wanted to host my galleries on my own site, be able to password protect the galleries and have the ability to at least try and hide the photos from the standard WordPress gallery. Sunshine really was one of the few galleries that offered what I thought were common sense features. The additional add-ons that are available help to expand the features even further and the fact that payments can easily be taken through PayPal with very minimal configuration made it even better. The support I have received from the developer has also been faultless, taking the time to help even when it was found that other plugins or code were causing unexpected results. I have checked to see if there were any other plugins that I could take a look at but nothing came as fully featured as Sunshine.

    Dominic SmithSussex, UK
  • I love that I have complete control over my galleries and proofing system right on my website. This plugin works great, and I can keep control over the look and feel of my site, and no one is taking a piece of my action. Love it.

    Pivko PhotographyNew Jersey
  • We’ve been using Sunshine for 7 years now and have always loved it. The latest update has thrown every other competitor out the window. We love the client galleries and most importantly our clients love it. It’s simple yet beautiful and just works. Our sales have increased this year purely down to the design which is much slicker. Customers are able to order their images with ease. If you need a client gallery, look no further. I believe there is a free version, but the cost of the Pro version will not disappoint.

    Lewis DuncanUK
  • This product is great if you’re looking to present and sell your images. It’s simple to use and when you do get stuck the support service is very helpful – would recommend it. Loads of “add ons” to the basic product, comes within the packages, and allows you to customize to your needs even when you’re not a developer.

    Andy Scott
  • Sunshine is exactly that, a ray of sunshine in the photo carts that are out there. Simple to use both on the admin side and the customer side, Derek is great at providing support and in taking suggestions for improvements.

    Dawn K
  • With 5 star customer service paired with the integrity to put forth an amazing product, Derek at WP Sunshine has created, nothing short of a masterpiece. The workflow and options allow for a rather customized approach to your photography business, and with feedback and requests actually being listened to unlike some other plugins on the market. Sunshine elevated my small photography business and I know it can elevate yours as well.

    Kendra Heller
  • I really like this plugin, it has a lot of features all in one place. Dev is super responsive and addresses issues right away. I like having everything done via my WordPress site as opposed to multiple external sites.

    Marcos AmaroFlorida
  • AUS$1500 worth of sales within 3 days of installing Sunshine Photo Cart. Need I say more? This system is simple to use, easy to customize, and doesn’t force you to dive into the depth of your server to run. We look forward to further development on the media management side but we are quite happy making money through our galleries already.

    William DeboisAustralia
  • My main reason for using Sunshine Photo Cart was to have it on my actual site. My customers are very picky about security when they order, I used to use a 3rd party and they weren’t with it. I also offer packages and other photo selling sites would force me to contact the customer to get the poses they ordered. With Sunshine, they have to select the package before they have to check out and it’s a seamless process and without it I would lose sales. I would say my sales went up at least 300% since installing Sunshine Photo Cart.

    Edward AmosFlorida
  • I think this is the best WordPress plugin for selling photos online. Easy to use and the Pro version is a must.

    Erik Hansen

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