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Shipping costs can be a deal-breaker for customers, but with the Advanced Shipping add-on for Sunshine Photo Cart, you’re in complete control. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all shipping rates. This add-on gives you the tools to set up custom shipping options that work for you and your customers.

Advanced Configuration Rules

Ever wanted to set special rates for big orders or unique products? Now you can. The Advanced Shipping add-on lets you set up shipping rates based on:

  • Minimum/Maximum Order Amount: Charge different rates depending on how much your customer spends.
  • Specific Products in Cart: Have a heavy or fragile item? You can set a unique shipping rate just for that.
  • Images from Specific Galleries: Maybe you want to offer a shipping discount for certain event photos. No problem!
  • Specific Shipping Locations: If you know shipping costs vary by location, you can account for that too.
Screenshot of additional flat rate shipping options
Advanced options made available for flat rate shipping

Endless Shipping Configurations

With these options, you can set up a variety of shipping scenarios like:

  • Table-Rate Shipping: Offer tiered flat rates based on the order total. For example, charge $10 for orders under $50 and only $6 for orders over $50.
  • Location-Based Shipping: Customize rates depending on where your customer is located. That way, you can charge more for distant locations and less for those nearby.

Flexible and User-Friendly

The Advanced Shipping add-on makes setting up these options easy, but the results are powerful. You get to offer shipping rates that make sense for your business while giving your customers choices that work for them. Make the checkout process smoother and keep your clients happy with the Advanced Shipping add-on.


  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • 1-on-1 customer support
  • Safe & secure online payment

Add-ons are billed yearly. You may cancel your subscription at any time. An active license is required for updates and support. View terms

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Latest Version: 3.0.2

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