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Want to make more sales and build better connections with your clients without the least amount of effort? Check out the Automated Email Marketing add-on for Sunshine Photo Cart. This powerful tool not only automates your email campaigns but also lets you send personalized messages to customers in your client photo galleries. That means each email can include details like the customer’s name, galleries they’ve visited, items in their cart, and even their favorite images.

Set, Customize, and Forget

With this add-on, you can set up various automated email strategies that send hours, days or months after a specific action taken by your customer. Plus, each email can be personalized to make a bigger impact. For example:

  • Remind clients their gallery is about to expire, including the specific gallery name.
  • Let customers know their gallery has expired and include information on how to get the gallery back open
  • Send a customized nudge to customers with unpurchased items in their cart, listing what they’ve left behind.
  • Email customers who have added items to their favorites, mentioning those exact items to spark interest.
  • Follow up after a free image download an offer an upsell.
  • Welcome new users by name after they register on your site.
  • Engage viewers by referencing the specific galleries they’ve visited recently.
  • Follow up after inviting users to view their gallery (requires Messaging add-on)

Boost Sales with Unique Discounts

On top of that, you can even generate unique discount codes for each user (requires Discount Codes add-on). A personalized discount can give your customers the final push they need to complete a purchase or buy even more.

So, if you’re looking to take your email marketing to the next level without adding extra work, the Automated Email Marketing add-on has got you covered. It makes your marketing smarter, more personal, and way more effective.


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  • 1-on-1 customer support
  • Safe & secure online payment

Add-ons are billed yearly. You may cancel your subscription at any time. An active license is required for updates and support. View terms

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Latest Version: 3.0.10

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