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With the advancement of Sunshine Photo Cart to version 3, the Multi-Image Product add-on was one of the most requested features that is now available. This feature lets you provide products like picture boxes or albums where the customer can choose multiple images to include. Let's explore how this add-on can add value to your client photo galleries:

Select Multiple Images for a Single Product

Now, your customers can select various images for a single product like an album or picture box. It's all done directly from a gallery's store where customers can select the multi-image product they want and immediately begin picking images to fill it. They'll be able to access every gallery available to them to select images from through a convenient navigation menu.

Limit the Number of Photos Allowed for Selection

You can control how many photos a customer can choose for a multi-image product. For instance, if you're offering a picture box that holds 15 photos, you can set that as the maximum number. This limit will be clearly displayed to the customer, helping them understand how many images they can select for their purchase.

Refine Selections Before Checkout

On the cart page, customers have the option to tweak their selections. If they haven't picked all the available images allowed for that product, a notice will remind them, ensuring they take full advantage of what the product offers.

Admin Controls for Image Selection

As the administrator, you have control over the maximum number of images that can be selected for each product, and you can specify which gallery sources customers are allowed to choose from. This allows you to guide your customers' choices to align with your offerings.

Why Multi-Image Products Matter

Offering products that allow multiple image selections provides a more customized and engaging shopping experience. Whether it's a memory-filled album or a personalized picture box, your customers will appreciate the ability to tailor their purchases to their preferences.

The Multi-Image Product add-on brings creativity and personalization to your photography store, enabling you to offer diverse and appealing products beyond basic prints. By allowing customers to choose multiple images, you're giving them a hand in creating something special. It not only adds value to the products but also makes the shopping experience more interactive and enjoyable.

This feature is a significant step towards providing a flexible and appealing purchasing experience for your clients. If you want to elevate your online client photo galleries by offering unique and personalized products, the Multi-Image Product add-on in Sunshine Photo Cart 3 is the way to go.


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