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Packages are a brilliant way to offer multiple products together at a single price, allowing customers to choose the specific images they want in the package. This feature not only brings convenience to your customers but can also help you secure larger sales. Here’s a closer look at how the Packages add-on works:

Customer Experience with Packages

From the customer’s perspective, selecting a package is simple. They can add a package to their cart and immediately start choosing the images from the galleries they have permission to access. These images fill the products in the package, based on the allowed quantities for each. The process is streamlined and intuitive, enhancing the shopping experience.

Watch the video above to see what working with Packages looks like as a customer

Updating Selected Images

Once in the cart, customers have the flexibility to update selected images for the package. If they change their mind or want to tweak their choices, they can do so with ease. This ensures that they are satisfied with their final selection.

Notices for Unfilled Items

If a customer does not select an image for each item in the package, they will receive a notice about the unfilled items. This reminder helps them complete their package according to their preferences and avoids any misunderstandings or oversights.

Admin View of Orders

As the administrator, when viewing an order, you will see a detailed list of each product within the package and the specific images that were selected by the customer. This clarity helps you fulfill orders accurately and efficiently.

Why Packages are Essential for Client Photo Galleries

Packages offer a win-win for both you and your customers. They allow you to create appealing bundles that encourage larger purchases, while customers enjoy the ability to customize their selections within the package.

Offering packages in your online photography store can elevate the shopping experience and lead to increased sales. With the Packages add-on in Sunshine Photo Cart, creating, managing, and selling packages becomes a breeze. If you’re looking to simplify the purchasing process and provide more value to your customers, this add-on is a valuable addition to your toolkit.


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