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As a professional photographer, you know that pricing is a critical aspect of your business. Different clients, events, or gallery types may require distinct pricing structures. The Price Levels add-on for Sunshine Photo Cart addresses this need, allowing you to charge different prices or offer various sets of products for each gallery. This flexibility enables you to maximize your income and provide customized offerings tailored to your clients' needs.

How Does the Price Levels Add-on Work?

Define Price Levels in Admin

In the administrative interface, you can create an unlimited number of price levels. Each price level represents a specific set of prices for all your products, which can be assigned to individual galleries. For example, you might have distinct price levels or collections of products you want to offer for weddings, senior portraits, and family sessions.

Set Prices for Each Product

When editing a product, you will find a field for each price level you have defined. You can set a unique price for that product under each price level, or leave it empty if the product should not be available for that particular price level. This gives you full control over what products are offered in each gallery and at what price.

Screenshot of entering prices for a product with multiple price levels

Assign Price Levels to Galleries

For each gallery, you have the ability to assign a specific price level. This selection determines the pricing for all images within that gallery. So, a wedding gallery might have a different pricing structure than a senior portrait gallery.

Customer View of Price Levels

From the customer's perspective, the pricing reflects the specific price level assigned to the gallery they are viewing. For example, the prices for a wedding gallery will align with the wedding price level, while the prices for a senior gallery will match the senior price level. Products without a price set for that level will not be displayed, allowing you to control exactly what's offered.

Screenshot showing two galleries side by side with different pricing for products

Benefits of the Price Levels Add-on:

  • Customization: Tailor your pricing to meet the unique needs of different clients or event types, allowing for specialized offers.
  • Maximized Income: By strategically setting price levels, you can optimize your pricing to better align with various market demands and client expectations.
  • Simplicity: Managing multiple price levels within Sunshine Photo Cart's admin interface is simple and intuitive, saving you time.
  • Professional Appearance: Offering different price levels enhances your professionalism, showing that you understand the distinct requirements of different clients and occasions.

The Price Levels add-on provides a nuanced approach to pricing that's essential for professional photographers. With the ability to define, customize, and assign price levels across your galleries, you can craft the perfect pricing strategy to match your business's unique needs.


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