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The Product Options add-on is designed to provide photographers the ability to sell more unique and customized products, allowing them to increase revenue on each item sold. Whether it’s offering different paper types for prints, upgraded frame styles, additional photo editing, or any other customized features, this add-on can handle it all.

From the Customer’s Perspective

Let’s take a common product: 5×7 print. Here are 3 sample options you could set up:

  1. Paper Type: Customers can choose the type of paper they prefer such as matte, luster, metallic, etc.
  2. Frames: Options for frames in various styles or colors.
  3. Photo Editing Toggle: An option for customers to choose additional photo editing.

Some of the options may carry an additional cost, and as customers make their selections, the price adjusts automatically. In the cart, customers can review all their selected options, ensuring transparency and satisfaction with their choices.

Product options can also include an image or description to go with each to help your customer better understand the available options.

Screenshot of product options during add to cart process
Options shown to customer during the add to cart process

Control and Customization in the Admin

In the admin panel, you have complete control to create any kind of product options you want. You can select the type of field and manage custom options to fit the unique offerings of your photography business. This flexibility enables you to tailor products to your clients’ needs, providing them with a personalized shopping experience.

Admin screen to manage product options

Why Product Options Add-on is Essential

This add-on provides a way to enhance the uniqueness of your products, making them more appealing to customers. By offering customization and flexibility, you can cater to the specific desires of your clientele, leading to increased satisfaction and potential for higher sales. The ease of use for both you and your customers ensures that this tool can be a valuable part of your online client photography store.


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