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Enticing customers to purchase more items is made easier with the Quantity Discounts add-on. By offering incremental discounts based on the quantity of products in the cart, both customers and sellers can benefit: Customers save more when they buy more, and sellers profit from larger sales.

Custom Discounts Based on Quantity

For each product, custom discounts can be set up to align with various quantity thresholds. In the given example, a tiered discount approach is demonstrated for 5x7 prints:

  • A $1 discount for each 5x7 when at least 2 are in the cart.
  • A $3 discount for each when at least 5 are in the cart.
  • A $5 discount for each when at least 10 are in the cart.

These discounts can be configured to apply either to individual line items or across all identical products in the entire cart, providing flexibility in crafting pricing strategies.

Screenshot of admin setting up quantity discounts

Clear Outline of Available Discounts for Customers

From the customer's perspective, the available quantity discounts are clearly outlined and easily understood. As a 5x7 print is selected, the different quantity discounts are presented, informing the customer of the savings opportunities. Furthermore, the price automatically adjusts as the customer changes the quantity, offering a dynamic and transparent shopping experience that may lead to larger sales.


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Latest Version: 3.0.5

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