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If you’re serious about growing your photography business, understanding the performance of your client gallery sales is key in order to maximize your profits. All your photos are great, but what translates best into actual sales?

Advanced Analytics equips you with the essential insights you need to make smart photography business choices. It’s not just about collecting data; it’s about understanding your customers, your products, and your business’s potential. By focusing on what works and improving what doesn’t, you can efficiently maximize your revenues and keep your customers happy.

The Advanced Analytics add-on provides you with detailed information about all aspects of your galleries providing you with insights on where you can build upon. Here’s what you can learn and why it’s essential:

Orders Reports

Having a high level understanding of your overall sales can give you a general sense of how well your sales are performing over time.

Screenshot showing overall order data

Gallery Reports

Knowing which galleries are your most profitable can help you understand the best markets to target (Example: senior photos vs professional portraits). See the number of orders and the total in sales for each client gallery.

Screenshot of reports about gallery sales

Images Report

Similarly, tracking how much photos have made in sales helps you identify your top-performers. Understanding what catches the viewer’s eye can guide you in selecting or taking photos that resonate with your audience that translate into purchases. Your most popular style of photos may not be the ones you think they are!

Screenshot of individual image sales data

Products Report

What sells and what doesn’t? Keeping a lean product list so not to overwhelm your customers can improve the buying experience. Hint: If one product is selling more often than others, increase it’s price!

Screenshot showing product sales over time

Customers Report

Identifying your top-buying customers can help you identify the type of clients to continue targeting. Also, those that spent money are worth personal follow ups each year for repeat business.

Screenshot about customers and their total purchases

Profit Report

This is more than just numbers; it’s about your growth. By adding the cost to have a product made, you can see your actual profit from online sales. Knowing your profit helps you make wise decisions about pricing and investments.

Screenshot showing profits over time

Customer Timeline

You won’t find anything else like this around. The Customer Timeline gives you exactly where a customer went on their journey within your galleries from before they even login or register. These insights can give you fantastic clues as to what appeals to your customers and how they are using your client photo galleries.

Screenshot of customer timeline

Custom Report Times

Each report can be filtered by Day, Week, Month, Year, All Time or by any custom dates you need.


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