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If you’re a volume photographer dealing with large-scale photography projects like sports events or school yearbooks, you know that creating a multitude of galleries quickly can be a daunting task. The Volume Galleries add-on in Sunshine Photo Cart is specifically designed to simplify this process, turning what could be a time-consuming chore for making online client photo galleries into a swift and streamlined operation.

How Does the Volume Galleries Add-on Work?

  1. Upload Your Images: You start by uploading the image files to your website via FTP. These might be individual player portraits, student portraits, or any other bulk photography.
  2. Build Galleries in Sunshine Photo Cart: Next, you begin constructing your galleries. Here’s how it’s done:
    • Select a source gallery to define the settings you want to replicate across the new galleries.
    • Organize the new galleries into a parent gallery to keep everything neatly arranged.
    • Choose the FTP source folder where your images reside.
    • You can upload a CSV data file to further customize the galleries, setting specific names, passwords, or email addresses for access.
    • If email addresses are included in the data file, user accounts can be created automatically.
    • Notify the users through their email address that their gallery is ready with the Messaging add-on, providing a seamless communication process.
  3. Build Your Galleries: With all your settings in place, the add-on will create all your galleries in one efficient step. This automation saves you an immense amount of time and effort.
Screenshot of first step of volume galleries
First screen of building volume galleries selecting various options to get started

Why Choose the Volume Galleries Add-on?

  • Speed and Efficiency: Creating multiple galleries manually can be incredibly time-consuming. This add-on streamlines the entire process, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your photography business.
  • Customization: The add-on offers various customization options, including explicit gallery names, passwords, and access controls, ensuring that each gallery fits the specific needs of your clients.
  • Organization: By grouping galleries under a parent gallery, you maintain a clear and logical structure that’s easy to navigate.
  • Communication: The automatic email notification feature keeps your clients informed and engaged, enhancing their overall experience.

The Volume Galleries add-on is more than just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution for volume photographers who need to generate multiple galleries quickly and efficiently. By embracing this add-on, you can elevate your professional service, offer personalized galleries, and save significant time. If you’re in the volume photography business, this is an add-on you won’t want to work without.


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