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As a photographer, you’re constantly engaging with clients, sharing galleries, and sending invitations. The Messaging add-on for Sunshine Photo Cart is designed to make this communication process swift and personalized. Here’s how this tool can benefit your client photo gallery workflow:

Three Key Types of Messages

The Messaging add-on offers three primary ways to connect with your clients:

  1. Invite Users to a Gallery: Share your work effortlessly. Choose a user, select a gallery, and the email is almost ready to go. Your clients can view the gallery right from their inbox.
  2. Invite Users to Register: Send tailored invitations urging users to register on your site, giving them direct access to their specific gallery.
  3. Send Custom Messages: Have something specific to say? The custom message option lets you reach out to your clients for any unique communication needs.

Simple, Personalized Invitations

Here’s how inviting someone to a gallery works:

  • Pick a user and enter a unique email address.
  • Choose a gallery.
  • The subject and message fields are filled out automatically using a template that you’ve set up.

Each message uses special tags that are replaced with the right information based on the selected user and/or gallery. That means each email looks like it was written just for that person.

Screenshot of invite a user to gallery message
Admin screen to select customer or custom email address and send email

Total Control Over Content

With the Messaging add-on, you’re in charge. You can create the templates yourself, so they say exactly what you want. And because you can use template tags, each email is personalized without any extra work on your part.

Screenshot of admin to manage email template for message
Manage the general template to re-use for each message

Quick and Consistent Communication

Sending the same email over and over again takes time. With the Messaging add-on, those repeating emails are quick and easy. Once you set it up, it’s just a few clicks to send an email that’s just right for each person.

In the business world, time indeed equals money, and the Messages add-on can save you lots of both. With customizable content templates, easy sending, and a personal touch for every email, it makes staying in touch with your clients a breeze. Add it to your Sunshine Photo Cart and see how it can streamline your communication process!


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