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New baby promo

June 1, 2013

If you follow us on Facebook, then you know that we’re expecting a baby boy very soon! Today we are announcing a new promo based on him.

Erika has a scheduled delivery for July 2 (32 days from now), but her doctor has said she could deliver at any minute between now and then. I am 100% sincere that we have our bags packed and living day-to-day waiting for him to arrive. Starting today, June 1, we are offering 32% off both versions of Sunshine. Use coupon code “baby” at checkout.

But here is the interesting part! Every day between now and July 2, the percent discount will drop by 1%. So on June 2, the coupon code will be good for 31% off. June 3 for 30% off, so on and so forth. So act fast to get the biggest discount!

And yet another fun part of this promotion: If you make your purchase on the day he is born, we will refund your entire purchase and your copy of Sunshine will be FREE!

So pick a day, pick your version of Sunshine and best of luck!

We will announce on Facebook when he is born. If you happen to purchase on that day, please give us a week or two to process your refund – we will be taking some time off to welcome him into the world and get settled into our life with a new person in our family.

In case there is need for this legal disclaimer, we will be using Mountain time of your purchase and the official time on the birth certificate to determine if you get a free license.

Promo: Free help integrating Sunshine into your theme

May 2, 2013

We know photographers love to obsess about branding – we are the same way. Having your photo cart on your own website is one way to maintain a cohesive brand and experience for your users. It’s one of the main reasons we built Sunshine Photo Cart as a WordPress plugin.

We have been receiving many requests from users who want that fine tuned touch to get Sunshine into their theme. While Sunshine works very well with almost all themes (we can’t guarantee the quality of all themes and thus can’t guarantee all themes will work – that is out of our control), there are a few little finishing touches that are often needed to get Sunshine looking its best in your own theme.

So, for the next 2 weeks we will be running a new promo that gives users who purchase Sunshine Pro up to 30 minutes of our time to help you get Sunshine fully integrated into your custom theme. After purchase, simply visit the Priority Support page and submit a request for help with integration.

Offer ends May 15, 2013 – so hurry!

Based on our experience, we feel 30 minutes is plenty to get you setup. If it requires 34 minutes, don’t worry – we’ll still help finish it off. Note we are not creating custom WordPress themes, just helping you integrate into your custom theme.

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