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Sunshine has had the same pricing for a few years now but it's finally time for us to restructure how Sunshine is sold to help it move forward. After October 25, a Pro license will increase from $99 to $159 for new customers.

As part of the price changes, Sunshine will be offered in multiple tier plans with each including a different set of add-ons:

Basic, $99/year

Add-ons included:
Masonry Display
Mosaic Display
Minimum Order
Price List

Plus, $129/year

All Basic add-ons, plus:
All payment gateways (Stripe, Square,, etc)
Discount Codes
Product Options / Variations
Tiered Pricing
Tiered Shipping
Campaign Monitor
Light Blue

Pro, $159/year

All Basic & Plus add-ons, plus:
Digital Downloads
Automated Email Marketing
Price Levels
Analytics with Profit Data
Bulk Galleries

Each plan is for a single site license. Individual add-ons will still be available but also increase in price.

Between now and Oct 25 is your last chance to get the current $99/year Pro license which includes all add-ons and keep that pricing for the lifetime of your license.

Existing customers will continue renewing at their current lower pricing and will not be affected by the new price increases. Thank you for all the continued support!