Benefits of Going Pro

Going pro takes Sunshine to a whole new level with features aimed to help make you more sales along with top-rated customer support.

  • 1-on-1 Support

    Get direct, 1-on-1 email support from the developer. Quick response times, thorough solutions. Your issue will be investigated until it is resolved.

  • Get access to all add-ons

    Get all our add-ons for a single, low price. Also get access to our Add-on Manager making it easy to enable new features with a single click.

  • 30-day money back guarantee

    Give Sunshine Pro a try on your own site risk free with a 100% money back guarantee...but we don't think you will need it.

  • Thousands of happy users

    Sunshine is used by many photographers around the world and has earned 100+ 5-star ratings! See our case studies, testimonials, and example sites if you need further convincing.

  • AUS$1500 worth of sales within 3 days of installing Sunshine Photo Cart. Need I say more? This system is simple to use, easy to customize, and doesn’t force you to dive into the depth of your server to run. We look forward to further development on the media management side but we are quite happy making money through our galleries already.

    William Debois

  • As wedding photographers, we have been using this great plugin for more than 5 years and have found that Sunshine Photo Cart is the perfect solution for our self-hosted image webshop. Our clients love the flexibility and convenience of showing and sharing their wedding pictures in a private and secure way. We love the increased revenue of selling extra photos to guests.

    Miguel Rosenstok

  • Sunshine Photo Cart has allowed me to deliver proof galleries quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly. This plugin has really taken out the aggravation of setting up galleries, allowed me to work more efficiently, and gives my clients such an easy-to-use interface for viewing. I am grateful I found it, and would highly recommend it to other photographers!

    Drew Johnston

  • No other photographer e-commerce solution has the feature-set that Sunshine does. Plus the amount of control I have to design it to fold into the design of my site is a huge plus. I love this plugin and will never go back to paying for a monthly third-party source that wants to take a cut of my profits.

    Lane H.

  • I love this plugin. It has everything I need to run my photography business through my website. The support is great – I’m no techy but queries are answered quickly & clearly.

    Alicia Dunlop

Add-ons Included

Use our advanced add-ons to take your online photo proofing and selling to the next level. These advanced features help you build a more profitable client photo sales system.

  • Masonry

    Display images in your client photo galleries with this unique thumbnail layout style.

    $9.00 Learn more & buy

  • Digital Downloads

    Allow users to purchase digital download files and have instant access to files securely.

    $59.00 Learn more & buy

  • Lightbox

    Provide an improved UI for clients using lightboxes. Also includes slideshows.

    $39.00 Learn more & buy

  • Packages

    Group products and sell them as a single product at a reduced price. Get clients to buy more prints!

    $39.00 Learn more & buy

  • Stripe

    Accept payments via credit card using the Stripe payment gateway.

    $19.00 Learn more & buy

  • Price Levels / Price Sheets

    Sell any product at different prices for every client photo gallery – charge wedding clients more than portrait clients.

    $49.00 Learn more & buy

  • Product Options / Variations

    Let clients choose from any custom option such as paper type, a frame or image editing.

    $29.00 Learn more & buy

  • Tiered Pricing / Quantity Discounts

    Give clients a discount when they purchase set quantities of products.

    $19.00 Learn more & buy

  • Discount Codes

    Create advanced discount coupon codes with many options.

    $39.00 Learn more & buy

  • Mollie (with iDEAL support)

    For those in Europe, we have created an integration with Mollie which also supports iDEAL payment gateway.

    $19.00 Learn more & buy

  • Messaging

    Create templates to quickly and easily send emails to clients inviting them to view their gallery.

    $15.00 Learn more & buy

  • Square

    Accept credit card payments with Square on your own website or with Square Connect.

    $23.00 Learn more & buy

  • Minimum Order

    Require users have a minimum order before they can checkout.

    $9.00 Learn more & buy

  • MailChimp

    Integrate with MailChimp to help grow your email list.

    $9.00 Learn more & buy

  • Price List

    An easy way to list your product pricing on your page with a simple short code.

    $9.00 Learn more & buy

  • Analytics with Profit Data

    Get data about gallery viewing, image viewing, best sellers and more. Also see what your actual profit is on sales.

    $29.00 Learn more & buy

  • Automated Email Marketing

    Automatically send emails to your clients based on how they interact with your galleries.

    $59.00 Learn more & buy


    Accept payments with your account.

    $19.00 Learn more & buy

  • Campaign Monitor

    Integrate with Campaign Monitor to help grow your email list.

    $9.00 Learn more & buy

  • Mosaic

    A unique way of displaying your gallery images in a mosaic or brick-style layout.

    $9.00 Learn more & buy

  • PayJunction

    Accept payments via credit card using the PayJunction payment gateway.

    $19.00 Learn more & buy

  • Light Blue

    Send order data into your Light Blue account

    $13.00 Learn more & buy

  • Bulk Galleries

    Create many galleries in a quick, easy process

    $29.00 Learn more & buy

  • Tiered Shipping

    Set different shipping prices based on the customer’s subtotal.

    $17.00 Learn more & buy

Get all 24 add-ons worth $588 for only $99!

Go Pro Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase individual add-ons?

Absolutely. If you don't think our Pro bundle fits your needs you are welcome to purchase just the add-ons that do.

Do I have to purchase add-ons or the Pro bundle to use Sunshine?

No. Add-ons are entirely optional but do help to dramatically extend the functionality of Sunshine Photo Cart. If you just want to download the Sunshine Photo Cart base plugin, click here.

How many sites can I activate my license key on?

You can use your Pro license and all the add-ons on one (1) live site and one (1) test/staging site.

Is there additional fees?

Sunshine Pro and individual add-ons renew annually at their full price. For example, every year a Sunshine Pro license will renew for $99.

What happens if I do not renew my license?

License keys are subscription-based and will automatically renew every year. If you decide to cancel, you may still use the add-ons but you will not receive updates or support once the license key expires. We cannot guarantee add-ons will work with all future updates as Sunshine evolves and grows.

Can I request a refund?

You are more than welcome to request a refund within 30 days of purchasing your license keys. Renewal payments are non-refundable. View full terms and conditions.