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Understanding how photographers use their client photo galleries and Sunshine Photo Cart helps inform development decisions. By default, WordPress does not provide plugin makers with much information about how and where plugins are installed to allow site owners to have control over their data.

However, that also means that a lack of information about how many sites are using Sunshine Photo Cart and how it is being used. Without this information it's hard to say what is and is not working about Sunshine Photo Cart.

Enabling usage tracking helps:

  • Understand how client photo galleries are set up with Sunshine Photo Cart and inform the development of new features
  • Which features are more often used and are worth building additional new features for
  • Which geographic regions are using it more often to research potential laws and regulations that may impact users in that area
  • Understand the number of stores potentially impacted if something goes wrong with a specific feature or update, and act more quickly to resolve issues
  • Contact users if we detect a security issue

By choosing to share your data, you’re helping us make Sunshine Photo Cart better for you and other photographers. By understanding how you’re using Sunshine Photo Cart, I can create more helpful features, write better documentation, and make it a more useful platform.

At any time you can disable data being sent by going to Sunshine > Settings > Data in your WordPress admin and disabling the tracking option.

What gets tracked

We track non-sensitive data about how a store is set up and managed. We do not track or store personal data from your clients.

We track and store the admin email and your URL. This allows us to get in touch about important issues, for example, potential vulnerabilities (and information on fixes) and sunsetting extensions. We do not use this email address for marketing – a separate opt-in is required to receive promotional messages.

We use the URL for your client photo galleries to add your site to our list of example sites if it matches specific criteria.

Examples of what we track:

  • Admin’s email address
  • General information about the store, such as URL
  • Technical details about the active theme
  • Information you provided about type of photography you offer
  • Technical details about the WordPress, HTTP server, PHP and SQL configuration
  • Which Sunshine Photo Cart add-ons are being used
  • Basic information about your store:
    • count of galleries and images
    • number of products and product categories
    • total sales made
  • Which country you are in and language your site uses

Tracking data is sent automatically to our servers once you choose to share data with us.