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Before using Sunshine Photo Cart, I did most of my orders manually. This included having to export all my images with a watermark, then upload massive files to my one drive to then send my client an email with a link to the one drive to then wait for my client to email me a list of file names for the poses they want along with what sizes they want. Next, I had to take that list and manually enter it into my ordering software from the email. This was a very time-consuming process. Not to mention, it ate up a lot of space on my One Drive account forcing me to delete files to make room for more.

Ever since I started using Sunshine Photo Cart, the process has become such a breeze.

Ever since I started using Sunshine Photo Cart, the process of managing my client photo gallery has become such a breeze. I no longer have to export my images with watermarks causing me to have double images and take up twice as much space on my hard drive, but also, I no longer had to use my One Drive account, or worry about decrypting a client's list of file names and print sizes. I simply upload the images to a private gallery which automatically adds a watermark on my website's front end and allows me to quickly send the link to my client by simply typing in their email address. No need to ever leave my website.

The ordering process on the client end is also a breeze. Clients can now view their photo gallery, add the poses they want to their cart, select the size of the print or the product they want the poses printed on, and check out very easily. No more confusing lists or emails. I simply get an email notification for new orders and the order has already been paid, so no Invoicing either!

Using Sunshine Photo Cart, I was able to streamline my proofing, ordering, invoicing, payment processing, and client contact procedures.

Sunshine Photo Cart also allows me to set up public galleries where I can sell some of my other photography like my scenic shots, architecture, nature, and more as canvases, prints, and any other product.

The best part is, this is all done with their plugin. No need for 50 plugins to accomplish all of this. That allows my website to be fast and clean.

If you are a photographer I would highly recommend using Sunshine Photo Cart. There is no other plugin like it. I have looked.

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