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I had a website designed by a web designer back in 2009. As a photographer, I didn't really get involved in the creation of my site other than to say roughly how I wanted it to look & the pretty pictures I wanted to use.

It really was like a ray of sunshine I couldn’t believe that here in this one plug-in it seemed to offer everything I wanted and needed as a photographer.

Although the biggest letdown was the sales side of my website. I couldn't alter what products I sold (other than the price). Every time I wanted to make a change I had to contact my web designer, wait, try to explain what I wanted & then pay! This became very monotonous & almost impossible to manage. As I grew as a photographer, I wanted, and needed, my selling capacity to be far better than my web designer could offer. I had outgrown my site & its current capabilities.

In 2017 I took on the challenge of taking full control of my own website. Boy, it was a major adventure. I went from no experience with websites to completely redesigning my website nuts bolts and all. I knew what I wanted and I knew what I needed but I didn't know how to achieve it, especially on the selling side. I looked to Google and read virtually every plugin (free and paid for) I could find. But none did everything I needed! I questioned myself as to whether I just expected too much but believed the answer must be out there somewhere. I even considered scrapping the idea of designing my own site and paying for a site such as Zenfolio that offered the galleries & payment options but hated the idea of a commission-based site.

I then came across Sunshine Photo Cart. It really was like a ray of sunshine I couldn't believe that here in this one plug-in - it seemed to offer everything I wanted & needed as a photographer for my client photo galleries: Password-protected galleries, product lines with specific options, the ability to discount, provide instant digital downloads as well as physical products, being able to provide bundle deals to clients... The list is endless.

I haven't looked back since I purchased the Pro bundle. Yes, I'm sure there's still a lot I need to learn but I finally feel I'm back in control of my own website and ultimately my own controlled destiny as a professional photographer selling my photography and images online.

I've found the support to be great which was very much needed for someone with no knowledge at all. However, the plug-in is so intuitive that I only really needed help when I was starting to see how far I could push the boundaries of the plugin.

I definitely would 100% recommend Sunshine Photo Cart to any professional photographer wanting the ultimate selling experience for their clients.

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