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Price List Shortcode Options

This article may be outdated and referencing Sunshine Photo Cart 2. Documentation articles are currently being updated and hope to be fully accurate very soon. Apologies for any confusion.

The Price List shortcode has many options as outlined below. Everything is optional. "price_level" defaults to the first one found all others default to "true".

[sunshine_price_list price_level="ID/slug" product_price="true/false" category_description="true/false"]

price_level = The unique ID or slug for the price level
product_price = true/false, Show the price of the products
category_description = true/false, If the product category has a description show it or not

You can find the Price Level slug by going to Products > Price Levels > [hover over price level] > "Quick Edit". There is a field labeled "slug".

To get the ID, edit a Price Level and look at the URL where you will see "tag_ID" in the URL with a numerical value.

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