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Price List Shortcode Options

The Price List shortcode has many options as outlined below. Everything is optional. “price_level” defaults to the first one found all others default to “true”.

[sunshine_price_list price_level="ID/slug" categories="1,2,3" category_description="true/false" product_price="true/false" product_description="true/false" product_image="true/false" product_name="true/false" packages="true/false" separator=", "]

price_level = The unique ID or slug for the price level
categories = Comma separated unique IDs of product categories
category_description = true/false, If the product category has a description show it or not
product_price = true/false, Show the price of the products
product_description = true/false, Show the description of the product if there is one
product_image = true/false, Show a link to the product image if there is one
product_name = true/false, Show the product name
packages = true/false, Automatically include any packages at the selected price level
separator = What to use as separator betweeen product name and price

You can find the Price Level slug by going to Products > Price Levels > [edit one of your Price Levels]. There is a field labeled “slug”.

To get the ID, on this same page look at the URL and you will see “tag_ID” in the URL with a numerical value.