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Taking my own photos and using them in my stories is part of what makes my site unique. Additionally, I began shooting photos of horse events and my pictures were well-received. Thus I began to look for a platform to sell my photos.

The best part of Pro is the personal service.

Since I'm also selling digital products from my WordPress website the natural place to sell digital photos was within that platform. I looked at several off-platform photo-selling sites. Most required a monthly payment and did not integrate with my current WordPress site. I came across Sunshine and was at first drawn by the "free" feature. Upon further investigation, I discovered that to sell digital downloads I needed to purchase an upgrade for an annual fee of $59.00. That seemed reasonable and was one-time. I then saw that for just $40.00 more I could get the Pro license and I'm so glad I did!

There are many customizable features with the Pro license like digital downloads of the same negative at different resolutions. I offer a high-resolution option that includes a free social media sharing low-resolution download. I offered a % discount where I set the days the discount was good for. The discount took care of itself. Discounts can also be set up with a code and other options.

The best part of the Pro is the personal service. Learning a platform always takes time. I was doing it as I was uploading and selling my first event photos! I did run into a few issues and Derek personally responded to each of my questions, sometimes responding within moments. Truly his service is bar none. He helped me get everything set up correctly and working like a charm.

I have since recouped the entire cost of the Pro from just my first event. The platform works really well with my WordPress site including the PayPal and Stripe payment options I already had set up. I am excited to continue taking photos of horse events, and for stories while offering these photos for sale through my WordPress site. I'm really happy with Sunshine Photo Cart and I have made money.

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