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Sunshine 2.3.5 Released

April 10, 2016

I have just released Sunshine 2.3.5 which mostly addressed bug fixes (see below). Typically these x.x.x point releases are bug fixes only, but a few new things snuck in because they were quite simple to get added. Option to watermark thumbnail images This feature request directly from the first Sunshine Hangout. In reviewing what it would take to […]

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Updates galore: Core and most add-ons

March 21, 2016

Today I released a bunch of bug fix updates to the core Sunshine plugin (version 2.3.2) as well as many of the add-ons. Please make sure to get updated! The releases are all bug fixes and should be available for automatic update in your WordPress admin area.  

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Sunshine 2.3 Released

March 16, 2016

I am happy to announce that Sunshine 2.3 is now available for automatic update. The primary goals of this release were to refine Sunshine, not necessarily introduce any new features. This release also focused on code cleanup and trying to hunt down and remove even the smallest code notices. Of course, I can’t test every single setup […]

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Digital Downloads 2.1 Released

February 24, 2016

We have released an update to our Digital Downloads add-on. Amazon S3 integration via WP Offload S3 The free WP Offload S3 plugin let’s you sync your entire WordPress Media Library to an Amazon S3 cloud file storage account. By putting all your media in the cloud, you have unlimited, cheap file storage regardless of […]

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Minimum Order 1.1 Released

An update to the Minimum Order add-on has just been released. Parent/Child Minimum Orders In this release, we added new features to work with parent/child galleries. If you set a minimum order amount on a parent gallery, the items in cart from the child galleries are used to determine if the minimum is set. Previously […]

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New Mollie (with iDEAL support) add-on for our European users

February 9, 2016

The most popularly requested payment gateway was iDEAL. In order to work with iDEAL, we actually have to go through Mollie. I am pleased to announce that while everyone in the US was watching Super Bowl 50 and eating junk food, I was also watching the Super Bowl 50 and coding this new Mollie payment gateway. […]

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Digital Downloads 2.0 Add-on Now Available

February 8, 2016

The Digital Downloads add-on has a big update now available with frequently requested features now included. Single file upload One thing some people get hung up on was having to save and upload two sets of files, low res and high res. The original idea behind this when it was initially developed a couple years […]

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Sunshine 2.2.3 is released

December 17, 2015

Sunshine 2.2.3 has been released with some bug fixes. Below is the full changelog list: * Fix – When viewing gallery on front end, make admin bar “edit” link go to gallery instead of Client Galleries page * Fix – Image processor typos * Fix – Issue applying discounts to logged in users * Fix – […]

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Updates to our add-ons

December 9, 2015

On the heels of our 2.2 core update, we have also released updates to some of our add-ons! Analytics Show galleries viewed in edit user profile Lightbox Adjust to work with product options required Change button text to read “Adding…” to let users know something is happening on slower servers Fixed bug when adding comment […]

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Sunshine 2.2 released

December 8, 2015

Sunshine 2.2 has been released and available for automatic update from your WordPress admin area. We highly recommend updating as soon as possible as it has important fixes for key areas of Sunshine. This version does not introduce any new features but makes significant improvements and refinements throughout. Improvements for how items in cart are […]

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