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Fall is definitely in full swing here in Colorado and with it comes another update for Sunshine Photo Cart.

This update is mostly maintenance and bug fixes, but here are a couple of highlights:

Image Quality Option
A new option in Sunshine > Settings > Galleries to control the level of image quality from 1-100 when images are generated automatically on the server within Sunshine galleries. Up until now, Sunshine has forced the quality to be 100% to help ensure the highest quality images. The downside is it created larger image files. Now you have control over what level of image quality vs. image file size you want to have for your images. 

Improved search results
When searching, Sunshine will now search the actual image file name in addition to the image metadata.

Here is the full list of updates for Sunshine Photo Cart 2.9.11:

  • Add - Image quality option
  • Add - Search now also looks at the actual file name
  • Change - Do not show discounts on invoice if none exist
  • Update - Italian translation
  • Fix - Make untrashed orders publish status
  • Fix - Issues with percent product discount codes assigned to specific galleries
  • Fix - Minor code notice when on PHP8 in Reports page and within admin order
  • Fix - Showing Pinterest twice in sharing add-on within lightbox
  • Fix - Only show individual billing/shipping address fields on receipt page if they are actually present for the order

Add-on Updates

Several of the add-ons have also been updated recently with various bug fixes so be sure to stay up-to-date:

  • Lightbox
  • Packages
  • Stripe
  • Tiered Pricing

Sunshine 3 demo

Don't forget to check out the upcoming Sunshine Photo Cart 3! You can create your own test install with just a click. Any feedback you can provide will greatly help the future of Sunshine.