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How to process an order

Once you receive an order it’s time to start the fulfillment process.

Sunshine comes with the following order statuses and descriptions:

Pending – We have received your order but payment is still pending
New – We have received your order and payment
Processing – The images in your order are being processed and/or printed
Shipped/Completed – Your items have shipped (or are available for download)!
Cancelled/Refunded – Your order was cancelled and/or refunded

If an order is payed via Offline payment method, the default order status is “Pending”. All other payment methods have the default order status of “New”.

If the order includes only digital downloads and payment method is not “Offline”, then the order status is automatically changed to “Shipped/Completed” since the user receives their download links and there is no further action needed on your part.

Once an order has been made and you have received payment, you must then process the order by having the images printed at your preferred lab. Once the items have been shipped, you can change the order status to “Shipped/Completed”. Any time you change an order status, a check box option will appear which will allow you to have an email sent to your client explaining the new order status.


If for any reason your customer has cancelled their order, you can change the order status to “Cancelled/Refunded”. Please note that if the order was paid via credit card this will not refund your customer – you must do that through your payment gateway (ie, Stripe) separately.

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