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How to give a user purchase credits

This article may be outdated and referencing Sunshine Photo Cart 2. Documentation articles are currently being updated and hope to be fully accurate very soon. Apologies for any confusion.

Maybe you needed to refund someone "store credit", or part of their session fee includes a certain dollar amount towards prints.

Step 1

In the WordPress administration area, go to Users.

Step 2

Hover over the username, click on “Credits”.

Step 3

Enter a value in the Credits field. Each credit equals $1, or whichever currency you are using.

Step 4

At checkout, users will see an option to use their credits in the Payment Options box.

Step 5

When the user checks the box to use credits, the cart totals are updated.

Step 6

If a user has more credits than the total of the purchase, Sunshine will only use the credits it needs and also remove all other payment options since the order will be "free" to the client and no other payment information is required.

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