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How to give a user credits

In situations when managing client photo galleries with Sunshine Photo Cart, there might be instances where you need to give a user “store credit”. A common reason this feature is used is to give a specific customer money to use towards online photo gallery purchases which were included as part of the session fees. In such cases, Sunshine Photo Cart allows you to easily allocate a specific amount as store credit, which clients can then use to buy prints or other products from their photo gallery.

  • Go to Sunshine > Customers
  • Find the customer to assign credits and click on their name
  • Enter the amount of credits you want to give and click “save”Save Credits”

Using Credits at Checkout

When a user has credits available, they can choose to use them during the Checkout process on the Payments step. If the customer has enough credits to cover the entire order, the payment methods will be hidden from view and the customer can complete checkout without additional payment.

Screenshot showing where customers choose to use credits

If the customer only has enough credits for part of the order total, they will then pay for the remaining balance.

Screenshot showing remaining balance after credits applied

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