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Setting up Square

With the Square payment gateway add-on, you can allow your customers to pay for orders using your Square account. There are some things you will need to get from your Square account to setup the integration:

Step 1

Decide your checkout method:

Website: Users will stay on your website throughout the entire checkout process. This requires an SSL certificate!

Square’s Website: Users are taken to Square’s website to enter payment information and then returned back to your website after a successful payment. No SSL is required.

Step 2

Create an application:

Go here on the Square website to create a new Application and get all the following fields:

  • Application ID
  • Personal Access Token

If you want to some test purchases first, make sure to also grab the following:

  • Sandbox Application ID
  • Sandbox Access Token

Enter all these values into the Square settings in Sunshine.

Step 3

Select a location:

In the sub-menu where you created your Application, find the Locations tab. Get your Location ID and enter it into the settings.