Sunshine updated to 0.5.4

February 15, 2013

Thanks to some of the first reports from beta testers, we have just released a new update to Sunshine Photo Cart. We are now up to 0.5.4 – on our way!

Previous we were creating a completely new WordPress role for your customers that sign up within Sunshine. However, we are now making all Sunshine users default to

What was updated:

  • Fix – Hide order comments from all comment queries
  • Fix – Don’t allow order detail page to be visible
  • Fix – Bug allowing users who access wp-admin to update their own credits fixed
  • Change – Don’t let users who access wp-admin see their favorite list
  • Change – Removed sunshine-customer user role, users will now all be subscribers and capabilities updated
  • Add – Add version number tracking and update process
  • Fix – License activation/deactivation on plugin activation/deactivation was reversed

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