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Mosaic now available!

May 6, 2020

A new gallery display style called Mosaic is now available! Align your gallery images in a brick-style layout that are perfectly aligned.

All active Pro bundle license holders will have this new add-on available at no additional cost. You can install this new add-on from the Sunshine Add-on Manager in your WordPress admin.

Web hosting poll

January 18, 2017

I am looking to build a good Resources page for Sunshine users. One of the important questions that comes up fairly frequently is which web host does Sunshine work well on. So, below is a survey for all current Sunshine users to get some information regarding their current web host and how well Sunshine has been working for them.



Our New Promotional Video

June 8, 2016

Excited to have our new promotional video all complete! I feel like this makes Sunshine legit.

Announcing Monthly “Hangout with Sunshine”

March 30, 2016

Maybe because it’s really late and I have been working for 10+ hours already today, I had a random idea come to me: What if I hosted a monthly Google Hangout where I can answer questions live? So, let’s give it a go. I am going to host the first “Hangout with Sunshine”.

It will be on Tuesday, April 5th at 10am MST.

Click here to RSVP!

Feel free to post some initial questions on the Hangout page so I can be ready beforehand. Or surprise me, that might be fun as well. I promise to get dressed and even comb my hair (doesn’t always happen when you work from home), and maybe a few surprise guests will show up.

2.0 is chugging along, partnership

January 30, 2015

Progress on 2.0

First, I want to make it clear that 2.0 will not be a re-invention of Sunshine – it is simply the next big release after 1.9. The goals for 2.0 are a redeveloped user interface for your clients when they are interacted with galleries. Let’s just say lightboxes will play a prominent role and be the default UI for everyone.

I also want to make clear that it is still in progress. However, for Sunshine to continue to grow we need to grow the business end along with the product. Our focus the last couple months has been 2.0 but also in growing our efforts to spread Sunshine across the web and gain some more users. As part of that…

New Partnership

We’ve secured an awesome partnership with a great  company that focuses solely on working with photographers, their websites and their marketing strategies. I can’t wait to announce the partnership soon and what it all means.

2.0 Beta

September 25, 2014

Update: 2.0 has gone on down a different track. 2.0 itself will actually not contain a single new feature and not be a complete rewrite of Sunshine as many have been asking about. Instead, it will be a fundamental shift in how Sunshine is marketed and structured as a plugin – that is the most I can say right now. Instead, we have been releasing all the new features of Sunshine as incremental 1.9.x releases. 

We are in active development on version 2.0! We are in the process of completely overhauling how your clients interact within Sunshine. Viewing galleries, images, adding to cart is getting a complete makeover. We hope these changes will make it much easier for your clients to hand over their money to you. If you would like to help us test 2.0 and provide some direct feedback on the direction of Sunshine please let us know! Submit the form below and we will let you know when the beta is at a point where it is ready to be tested.

Signup is now closed as it is not needed anymore

Help us with our pricing model

February 28, 2013

We are getting down to release time and that means touching up this marketing site and finalizing our sales model. I wanted to put this out to everyone following us so far…

What pricing model do you think you would be more likely to sign up with?

Standard vs Pro
Our original plan was to sell 2 versions of the plugin – Standard and Pro. The Pro version would be more expensive (almost double) but would contain all the power features like digital downloads, print lab integrations and more.

Free and Individual Paid Addons
The other idea is to offer an even more basic version of what we were planning for Standard and then sell each feature as a separate addon. Addons would be priced based on difficult to code and also demand. This model lets you only pay for features you want and could be cheaper or ultimately more expensive than the Pro version listed above (if you got every single feature).


Sunshine updated to 0.5.4

February 15, 2013

Thanks to some of the first reports from beta testers, we have just released a new update to Sunshine Photo Cart. We are now up to 0.5.4 – on our way!

Previous we were creating a completely new WordPress role for your customers that sign up within Sunshine. However, we are now making all Sunshine users default to

What was updated:

  • Fix – Hide order comments from all comment queries
  • Fix – Don’t allow order detail page to be visible
  • Fix – Bug allowing users who access wp-admin to update their own credits fixed
  • Change – Don’t let users who access wp-admin see their favorite list
  • Change – Removed sunshine-customer user role, users will now all be subscribers and capabilities updated
  • Add – Add version number tracking and update process
  • Fix – License activation/deactivation on plugin activation/deactivation was reversed

What Pro features should we focus on first?

February 14, 2013

With the core set of features built and ready (and being fine tuned by our beta testers), what features should we focus on going forward for the Pro version of Sunshine Photo Cart? Please pick up to 3 options only.

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