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We have released v 1.2.4 of Sunshine Photo Cart. This is another bug fix with some minor updates. One of the biggest changes is how we handle URLs within Sunshine which we feel are a lot more efficient. Also, we had several support issues related to people who wanted to change the URL for the main gallery page and then things breaking and we have resolved this issue as well. Here is the full changelog for this release:

= 1.2.4 =
* Fix – Redoing how rewrite rules work to be much more efficient, fixing broken sub gallery URLs
* Tweak – Increase timeout when checking license so updating plugin is less likely to return an error
* Add – Making admin menus filterable so addons can better add a new submenu where it wants
* Tweak – Moved Add Discount parts of cart page out of theme and to Discounts addon
* Tweak – Redid how pagination URLs are built to work with new rewrite rules
* Add – Always have Sunshine image detail pages disable commenting abilities (useful for custom themes)
* Add – Check for permalink structure not being Default, show notice in admin if it is Default
* Tweak – Better error messages when image processor fails
* Fix – URL fixes for Colorbox usage
* Add – Flush rewrite rules when changing the slug of the main Sunshine page