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Packages have by far been our most requested feature and today we are happy to announce this feature is finally here!

A package is the selling of multiple products as a single product. For example, you could sell an 8×10 print, 20×30 canvas and a digital download all for a single price (usually discounted from what it would be to buy the items individually).

How users find packages:




Because of our Price Levels system, packages are only visible once viewing a gallery or an individual image. If a user were to go straight from the Client Galleries page to a Packages page, Sunshine wouldn’t know which Price Level to display to the user. Once the user visits a gallery or image, Sunshine knows what Price Level is in use and can then use this information to show the proper Package pricing to the user.

How users interact with packages:



After a user adds a package to their cart, they are automatically returned back to the gallery or image they were previously viewing to make it easy for them to pick right back up where they were in their image viewing experience.

They will now see a new drop down at the start of the Add To Cart form. Selecting a package will present them with the available products from that package. The user can now select a product within the package and add to cart! Sunshine will always tell the user how many of each product they have left (“1 remaining”) and gray out and make inactive products that have already been filled. This lets the user always know what their package includes and what they have yet to fill.

Packages in the cart


When viewing the cart, packages are their own line item. Within the description of the package, Sunshine clearly outlines to the user which items they have filled and which ones remain. A user can also remove one of their package item selections from the Cart page. If a user tries to continue to Checkout but has not filled all the items within a package, Sunshine redirects the user back to the cart and provides a warning message that they must first fill their package with selections before completing their order to prevent incomplete packages from being purchased.

Order administration


The order administration screen will show you all the images selected for the package to make processing the order simple.

Creating package products is very simple and only requires a few extra steps beyond a standard product.