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Progress on 2.0

First, I want to make it clear that 2.0 will not be a re-invention of Sunshine – it is simply the next big release after 1.9. The goals for 2.0 are a redeveloped user interface for your clients when they are interacted with galleries. Let’s just say lightboxes will play a prominent role and be the default UI for everyone.

I also want to make clear that it is still in progress. However, for Sunshine to continue to grow we need to grow the business end along with the product. Our focus the last couple months has been 2.0 but also in growing our efforts to spread Sunshine across the web and gain some more users. As part of that…

New Partnership

We’ve secured an awesome partnership with a great  company that focuses solely on working with photographers, their websites and their marketing strategies. I can’t wait to announce the partnership soon and what it all means.