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When selling on your WordPress client photo galleries, it is important that it looks great for every person who visits including those who may have visual issues or need assistive devices. If a website is not made accessible, it can significantly increase the difficulty someone with some form of disability to navigate and complete a purchase from your galleries. Our goal should always be to make things as easy as possible for every single user.

I was happy to work with Equalize Digital and have their experts do a live review of Sunshine Photo Cart's accessibility. I learned a lot in the process and have taken all their suggestions and implemented them in recent releases of Sunshine Photo Cart to make significant improvements to it's overall accessibility. By making Sunshine Photo Cart more accessible, it ensures that everyone can view photos and successfully make a purchase with ease, helping you make more money as a photographer - every little part helps!

You can watch the recording here:

Derek Ashauer
Derek Ashauer, developer of the Sunshine Photo Cart WordPress plugin, has dedicated over 10 years to developing and supporting this effective tool for photographers. His expertise in the WordPress platform extends beyond this plugin with over 15 years of experience in building client sites. Derek's work centers on enhancing the functionality and profitability of client galleries for photographers, showcasing his commitment to supporting their business growth.