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Install Sunshine in less than 30 seconds and have a fully functional online store with your products and galleries up and running in minutes. Sunshine makes it easy for you to put online client proofing on your WordPress website.

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Selling Features

Sunshine Photo Cart makes it easy for your customers to find the images they want and complete a purchase.

  • Simple One-Page Checkout

    A simple checkout process is important for any e-commerce store and Sunshine makes it easy for your clients with a one-page checkout.

  • Accept Payments

    Multiple payment methods including offline (typically checks) or online via PayPal. Additional add-on payment gateways include Stripe, Square, Authorize.net, PayJunction and more.

  • Shipping Methods

    Sunshine comes with 3 shipping methods: flat rate fee, local delivery or in-studio pickup. Also add extra shipping fees to individual products for larger or heavier items.

  • Order Management

    Easy order management in the WordPress admin with the ability to change order status and notify customers of updates to their order.

  • Registered or Guest Checkout

    User can create an account during the checkout process to keep track of their order history or optionally allow users to bypass this step and checkout as a guest without creating an account.

  • Customize Checkout Fields

    Select which fields you want to show and make required in the checkout process.

  • Address Autocomplete

    Make checkout faster and easier by having Google Maps autocomplete your customer's billing and shipping address.

Additional Features & Benefits

As a WordPress plugin for photographers, Sunshine Photo Cart is continually growing and improving to better server photographers around the world.

  • Actively Developed & Supported

    Sunshine is continually receiving new features and bug fixes based on community feedback.

  • Translations Available

    20+ community provided translations are available. You can help with existing translations or request another at our translation site.

  • Many 5-star ratings

    Sunshne has earned near perfect 5-star ratings from users throughout the world. See our testimonials, case studies or the 5-star ratings and reviews on WordPress.org!

  • No commissions or limits

    Sunshine does not take any commissions when you make a sale or limit the number of client photo galleries or images you can upload.

What other photographers have said about Sunshine

  • The sunshine cart does everything for selling my photos on-line. Derek is great on the support side and as everyone else says, he is fast to respond which is a huge benefit for someone like me

  • I have enjoyed my experience with Sunshine Photo Cart. It has made interactions with my clients relaxing and enjoyable. I have positive feedback from clients using the galleries. I would highly recommend it to any professional photographer.

    Stephen Conrad
  • This product is great if you’re looking to present and sell your images. It’s simple to use and when you do get stuck the support service is very helpful – would recommend it. Loads of “add ons” to the basic product, comes within the packages, and allows you to customize to your needs even when you’re not a developer.

    Andy Scott
  • Sunshine handles all the necessary things I require from a proofing system, it is extremely easy to use and very versatile.

    Antti Roos
  • Sunshine is exactly that, a ray of sunshine in the photo carts that are out there. Simple to use both on the admin side and the customer side, Derek is great at providing support and in taking suggestions for improvements.

    Dawn K
  • I love that I have complete control over my galleries and proofing system right on my website. This plugin works great, and I can keep control over the look and feel of my site, and no one is taking a piece of my action. Love it.

    Pivko Photography
  • I love this plugin. It has everything I need to run my photography business through my website. The support is great – I’m no techy but queries are answered quickly & clearly.

    Alicia Dunlop
  • No other photographer e-commerce solution has the feature-set that Sunshine does. Plus the amount of control I have to design it to fold into the design of my site is a huge plus. I love this plugin and will never go back to paying for a monthly third-party source that wants to take a cut of my profits.

    Lane H.
  • AUS$1500 worth of sales within 3 days of installing Sunshine Photo Cart. Need I say more? This system is simple to use, easy to customize, and doesn’t force you to dive into the depth of your server to run. We look forward to further development on the media management side but we are quite happy making money through our galleries already.

    William Debois
  • I looked around at various options and there’s a lot of junk out there. It’s always refreshing to find a well built system that’s well supported. Bravo!

  • Really impressed with this plugin. Extra add on features make this plugin a really comprehensive system for our photography business. Derek is also brilliant at getting back to you quickly with any questions.

  • I think this is the best WordPress plugin for selling photos online. Easy to use, and the Pro version is a must.

    Erik Hansen
  • I did quite a lot of shopping around and find Sunshine Photo Cart to be by far and away the best all-round photography WordPress plugin. The add-ons are definitely worth the purchase which helps deliver a complete solution. I highly recommend this product.

  • Sunshine Photo Cart has allowed me to deliver proof galleries quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly. This plugin has really taken out the aggravation of setting up galleries, allowed me to work more efficiently, and gives my clients such an easy-to-use interface for viewing. I am grateful I found it, and would highly recommend it to other photographers!

    Drew Johnston
  • Easy to use and looks great, I really like this plugin


Professional Level Add-ons

Use our advanced add-ons to take your online photo proofing and selling to the next level. These advanced features help you build a more profitable client photo sales system.

  • Masonry

    Display images in your client photo galleries with this unique thumbnail layout style.

    Learn more

  • Digital Downloads

    Allow users to purchase digital download files and have instant access to files securely.

    Learn more

  • Lightbox

    Provide an improved UI for clients using lightboxes. Also includes slideshows.

    Learn more

  • Packages

    Group products and sell them as a single product at a reduced price. Get clients to buy more prints!

    Learn more

  • Stripe

    Accept payments via credit card using the Stripe payment gateway.

    Learn more

  • Product Options / Variations

    Let clients choose from any custom option such as paper type, a frame or image editing.

    Learn more

  • Price Levels / Price Sheets

    Sell any product at different prices for every client photo gallery – charge wedding clients more than portrait clients.

    Learn more

  • Tiered Pricing / Quantity Discounts

    Give clients a discount when they purchase set quantities of products.

    Learn more

Sunshine is used by thousands around the world

Many professional photographers just like you have used Sunshine to create successful client photo galleries.