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Money does grow, you just need Sunshine

Sunshine is built to be easy for you to create galleries and maximize profits from online client photo gallery sales

  • It's free!

    Our free version of Sunshine Photo Cart is a fully functional version letting you accept payments online via PayPal. Download now or checkout our add-ons to get even more features.

  • YOUR brand

    Slapping your logo into some other design is not “branded.” You have worked hard on your WordPress site, let your clients see it at all times – even in their proofing galleries.

  • No limits

    Sunshine imposes no limits on number of galleries, photos or users. With many hosts offering unlimited file storage or Amazon S3 integration, Sunshine can be truly unlimited.

  • International ready

    Sunshine is translated into some of the most common international languages and works with any currency. Feel free to join our translation group if you want to help out!

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  • No other photographer e-commerce solution has the feature-set that Sunshine does. Plus the amount of control I have to design it to fold into the design of my site is a huge plus. I love this plugin and will never go back to paying for a monthly third-party source that wants to take a cut of my profits.

  • I did quite a lot of shopping around and find Sunshine Photo Cart to be by far and away the best all-round photography WordPress plugin. The add-ons are definitely worth the purchase which helps deliver a complete solution. I highly recommend this product.

  • I love that I have complete control over my galleries and proofing system right on my website. This plugin works great, and I can keep control over the look and feel of my site, and no one is taking a piece of my action. Love it.

  • I think this is the best WordPress plugin for selling photos online. Easy to use, and the Pro version is a must.

  • Really impressed with this plugin. Extra add on features make this plugin a really comprehensive system for our photography business. Derek is also brilliant at getting back to you quickly with any questions.

  • Sunshine handles all the necessary things I require from a proofing system, it is extremely easy to use and very versatile.

  • Easy to use and looks great, I really like this plugin

  • I looked around at various options and there’s a lot of junk out there. It’s always refreshing to find a well built system that’s well supported. Bravo!

  • The sunshine cart does everything for selling my photos on-line. Derek is great on the support side and as everyone else says, he is fast to respond which is a huge benefit for someone like me

  • Sunshine is exactly that, a ray of sunshine in the photo carts that are out there. Simple to use both on the admin side and the customer side, Derek is great at providing support and in taking suggestions for improvements.

  • I love this plugin. It has everything I need to run my photography business through my website. The support is great – I’m no techy but queries are answered quickly & clearly. It is evolving well with well thought through enhancements. I love it – can’t recommend it highly enough!!

Features you need

Create and manage unlimited galleries with unlimited photos in Sunshine Photo Cart with ease. Upload to your server, create a gallery with your settings and you're ready to sell in no time!

  • Theme Integration

    Sunshine works out-of-the-box with any theme - it's even responsive. Install, activate, done.

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  • Restricted Access to Galleries

    Public, password protected, email required or private galleries only assigned users can see.

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  • Sub Galleries

    Great for weddings or other large events, separate them into smaller sub-galleries.

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  • Favorites

    Let clients select favorites and see their selections in the admin.

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  • Browser or FTP Upload

    Use FTP (from Lightroom or any FTP app) or upload directly into the WordPress admin using your browser.

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  • Automatic Watermarking

    Automatically have a watermark added to all images uploaded to any Sunshine gallery.

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Add-ons you want

Go beyond the basics, Sunshine’s add-ons let you maximize your profits to help you build a more profitable client photo sales process.

  • Masonry

    Display gallery photos with this unique thumbnail layout style.

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  • Digital Downloads

    Allow users to purchase digital download files and have instant access to files securely.

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  • Lightbox

    Provide an improved UI for clients using lightboxes. Also includes slideshows.

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  • Packages

    Group products and sell them as a single product at a reduced price. Get clients to buy more prints!

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  • Stripe

    Accept payments via credit card using the Stripe payment gateway.

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  • Price Levels / Price Sheets

    Sell any product at different prices for every gallery – charge wedding clients more than portrait clients.

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Go Pro

Get every single Sunshine add-on and access to premium support for only $99

Oh, and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee to sweeten the deal... because we don't think you will need it anyway.

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