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Customizing Order Statuses

In Sunshine Photo Cart you can customize the order statuses to work with your specific workflow for processing an order. By default, the following order statuses and descriptions are available:

  • Cancelled – Your order was cancelled
  • New – We have received your order and payment
  • Pending – We have received your order but payment is still pending
  • Processing – The images in your order are being processed and/or printed
  • Ready for pickup – Your order is ready to be picked up
  • Refunded – Your order was refunded
  • Shipped/Completed – Your items have shipped (or are available for download)!

You can edit each of these order statuses to change the name or description as it will appear to your customers on their receipt page and email confirmation. In your WordPress admin, go to Orders > Order Statuses to see the current available statuses and edit as you wish.

For example, a school photographer may want to rename “Ready for pickup” to “Pickup at your school”.

You can also see the number of orders assigned to each status and click on the number to see those specific orders.

You cannot delete these default order statuses as they are required for various parts of Sunshine Photo Cart to properly function.

You can also add additional order statuses if your order process workflow has additional steps.

Screenshot of the order status screen

Paid order statuses

The following order statuses are considered “paid” statuses. When an order is paid, digital downloads are made available to the customer.

  • New
  • Processing
  • Ready for Pickup
  • Shipped/Completed

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