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Setting Up Price Levels

This article relates to the Price Levels / Price Sheets add-on

Price levels let you sell your products at different prices for each gallery. Charge your wedding clients more for the same 8×10 as your portrait clients!

Step 1

In the WordPress administration, go to Sunshine > Price Levels. You should see the Default price level.

Step 2

To add a new Price Level, enter a name. You can completely ignore the Slug and Description fields

Step 3

Now add/edit a product. You should now see a new text field for each price level. Enter a price for each.

If no price for a product is entered for the specified product price level, the product will not be shown – excellent for showing specific products to only certain galleries/client types.

Step 4

Now add/edit a gallery. You should now see a new drop down box to select which price level you want to use for this gallery. When your client accessing this gallery, all product prices will use the selected price level.

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