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6 years ago, on May 4th, our daughter Emma passed away at the age of 3 months after battling to recover from multiple surgeries to fix her malformed heart caused by Twin-to-Twin Transfusion.

Every year we celebrate her by focusing on what is most important - being a family. As such, our family: Myself, Erika, Emma's twin sister Claire and younger brother Oliver, will be together all day having an adventure, laughing, crying and most importantly savoring our time together.

Sunshine Photo Cart got it's name from our time in the hospital with Emma. Whenever it was time for us to leave, we would sign her You Are My Sunshine. My goal with Sunshine is to build a business that gives me the flexibility to be with our family each and every day. I am greatly appreciative of all those who use Sunshine, contribute to it's growth and thus help our family be together.

We invite you to celebrate Emma Day this year by taking at least 10 minutes with your family and put everything else aside. Focus on just being together while not letting yourself be distracted by what's happening with work, that annoying client, what is going to be for dinner, the house being dirty or whatever it is that can keep you from losing focus on the important people to you.

We wish you a happy Emma Day.

Derek, Erika, Claire & Oliver