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Sunshine Photo Cart 1.6.4 has just been released. It is a maintenance release with various fixes and adjustments. It is fully compatible with WordPress 3.8, so update that as well while you’re at it!

Full changelog:

= 1.6.4 =
* Fix – Issues when image not set to use lightbox but add to cart link is
* Fix – Remove error message on Sunshine dashboard when no recently logged in users
* Fix – When package added to cart, can only add image to package if it matches the price level of the package
* Fix – Price for entire gallery downloads not available in some cases
* Add – Use the before/after HTML in custom theme again
* Fix – Setting up newsletter integration was a bit confusing in regards to selecting which list
* Fix – Packages was not querying for all available packages
* Fix – Hide the action menu for galleries that require a password to prevent sharing, free downloads, packages link, etc
* Fix – Rename individual file names that have special characters
* Add – Add new capability “sunshine_manage_options” which can be assigned to custom user roles and allow Sunshine to be shown/hidden
* Fix – PHP error when using credit system
* Fix – Calculate taxes after discounts/credits are applied