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With the release of Sunshine Photo Cart 1.9, uploading files via FTP is now completely optional. We also threw in a few other great new things.

Goodbye FTP

Browser based image uploader

One of the most commonly sighted reasons for potential users not choosing Sunshine was the reliance on FTP (if you wanted to sell digital negatives). We are extremely happy to have included a built in file upload tool for the low resolution and high resolution image files. FTP is still available for those who like it though.

Improved File Downloads

For some of our users, their customer would have issues downloading purchased high resolution digital negatives. This was the result of server limitations outside the control of Sunshine when the zip file the user downloads is generated. However, we want to make Sunshine work without issue for everyone. So we have completely redone how zip files are generated in a way that will work on all servers regardless of their server settings.

Minimum Order Amount

Many of our users require their clients to purchase a minimum dollar amount in products. We have introduced a new per-gallery setting which allows you to define the minimum amount a user must have in their cart before they are allowed to checkout.

Gallery Password Shortcode

We previously had a WordPress widget which allowed you to include a client gallery password form anywhere on your site. Now, we have added a shortcode (“[sunshine-gallery-password]”) which allows you to place this password form within the content of any page/post of your site.

Check EXIF Data

When images are imported into a gallery, previously the name of the image was simply the file name of the image. Now, you can include EXIF data with your images and the import processor will read through it looking for a “Title” option. If “Title” exists, then it will assign the image name in WordPress to this value. No more “johnson-wedding-386” and instead have better looking image titles like “Johnson Wedding, Image #386”

Option to disable the Sunshine stylesheet

For those who are really customizing the look of Sunshine, you can now start from absolute scratch and disable the loading of the Sunshine stylesheet when using your own theme. Goodbye “important!”

URL structure redone

Previous versions of Sunshine had a “flat” URL structure for galleries. Every gallery URL looked like “”. However, for those using the sub-gallery feature, especially for weddings, when sub galleries would use the same name like “Formals” for each wedding, Sunshine ran into a conflict. You can only have one gallery with a URL like “”! However, Sunshine now includes the parent gallery name in the URL like “”. No more URL conflicts.

Other fixes

This release includes about 25+ minor fixes and enhancements throughout Sunshine. Little things our awesome users have pointed out of the past few months that could use a little tweak to make Sunshine that much easier to use.

Derek Ashauer
Derek Ashauer, developer of the Sunshine Photo Cart WordPress plugin, has dedicated over 10 years to developing and supporting this effective tool for photographers. His expertise in the WordPress platform extends beyond this plugin with over 15 years of experience in building client sites. Derek's work centers on enhancing the functionality and profitability of client galleries for photographers, showcasing his commitment to supporting their business growth.