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Free shipping with discount code

Offering free shipping with a minimum order amount helps increase your Average Order Value (AOV), you can also offer free shipping with a discount code to help incentivize users to complete any purchase.

With the Discounts add-on enabled, there are a couple steps needed to configure this setup:

Create a free shipping method

First you create a Free shipping method and be sure to select "Free". This is important as using a discount code only works this this shipping method.

Be sure to check the "Via Discount" option so this shipping method is only made available when a customer enters a free shipping discount code:

Screenshot showing free shipping options with discount highlighted

Create your discount code

When creating your discount code, enable the "Free Shipping" option. You can optionally choose to assign any other options available to your discount to restrict when it can be used. If you only want to give free shipping, do not select a "Discount Type" or enter a "Discount Amount".

Screenshot of how to configure free shipping discount code

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