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Sunshine Photo Cart lets you have unlimited flat rate shipping options to customize your shipping charges. With the Local Delivery shipping method, you can set a shipping rate that is only available to someone with a matching zip/postal code entered for the shipping address. Finally, take advantage of our Advanced Shipping add-on to further customize when specific shipping methods are made available based on the customer's cart and shipping address.

  • Configure Advanced Shipping

    When running a client gallery for photographers, providing a variety of shipping options is key to increasing checkout conversions. The Advanced Shipping add-on is designed to enhance this aspect of your service. This powerful tool expands your control over shipping options, particularly when it comes to displaying Flat Rate Shipping choices to your customers during […]

  • How to tax shipping costs

    In certain regions, it's mandatory not only to apply taxes to product costs but also to shipping charges. For those operating a client gallery for photographers, Sunshine offers the flexibility to enable tax calculations on any shipping method, ensuring compliance with local tax regulations.