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Setup Free Shipping With Minimum Order Amount

The Advanced Shipping add-on gives you a lot more options to control when a shipping method is shown to a customer. One common shipping setup you see on a lot of e-commerce stores - and one that is recommended to help increase your average order value - is to offer free shipping if the customer reaches a certain order amount.

With the Advanced Shipping add-on enabled, you have access to many more options to configure each shipping method. We are going to rely on the "Minimum Order Amount" and "Maximum Order Amount"

Here is how you can set up a free shipping option with a $50 minimum order amount for your client photo galleries using Sunshine Photo Cart with $3 flat rate shipping otherwise. You can customize the numbers however you wish to change the minimum amount.

Configure Default Flat Rate Shipping

To create a new Flat Rate shipping method, go to Sunshine > Settings > Delivery & Shipping. Select "Flat Rate" from the drop down and add the shipping method. Click on the "Configure" button next to the newly created shipping method.

Give your flat rate shipping method a name and whatever price you would like, in this example I am using $3. Then, for the "Maximum Order Amount", set a price of $49.99 - this hides the flat rate shipping option once the subtotal is $50 or higher.

Screenshot of flat rate shipping options

Create Free Shipping

Add a "Free" shipping method and configure the settings. Set the "Minimum Order Amount" to $50 which will only make this shipping method available once the order subtotal meets this minimum amount.

What Customer Sees At Checkout

If the order subtotal is less than $50, they will see the $3 flat rate shipping option:

Screenshot of flat rate shipping option shown

When the subtotal is more than $50, they will see the Free shipping option:

Screenshot of free shipping method shown

Note how the Local Delivery option is still available as we do not have any advanced shipping restrictions set for it.

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